Bioregional Inventory Originated Simulation Under Management

Biosum provides simulation-based analytical tools that leverage data from FIA — the nation's forest census — to predict, and statistically summarize over multi-million acre forested landscapes, the consequences of forest management strategies. Management strategies can be multi-objective, vary among owner groups, evolve over time, and be contingent on targeted sets of specific site and vegetation attributes. As many as hundreds of alternative silvicultural sequences can be simulated, evaluated and compared and best alternatives selected for each forested acre via user defined heuristics.


Biosum is suitable for addressing a variety of policy relevant questions concerning forest landscape management such as:

  • cost and effectiveness of forest health restoration
  • potentially sustainable yields of timber and feedstock for wood biomass energy generation
  • most promising locations for building biomass energy facilities
  • cost effectiveness of alternative fuel treatments
  • implications of stand density and surface fuels management for forest carbon dynamics.

The MS Windows based biosum software and all component models in the analytic framework are free, downloadable, documented and supported. 



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Lead Developer: Lesley Bross

Founding Developer: Larry Potts

Project Manager: Jeremy Fried



  1. PNW Resource Monitoring and Assessment Program
  2. PNW Focused Science Delivery Program
  3. California Energy Commission
  4. Energy and Biosciences Institute
  5. Oregon Department of Forestry
  6. Joint Fire Sciences Program


Since 2002, BIOSUM has benefitted from substantial intellectual contributions by many individuals at multiple institutions, including:


USFS Pacific Northwest Research Station: Jamie Barbour, Roger Fight, Glenn Christensen, Dale Weyermann, Guy Pinjuv, Olaf Kuegler, Demetrios Gatziolis, Sebastian Busby

USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station: Terrie Jain, Jonathan Sandquist

Ecotrust: Sara Loreno

Portland State University: Lesley Bross, Tina Mozelewski, Tyler Sorg

University of Idaho: Rob Keefe, Conor Bell

University of California, Berkeley: Bill Stewart, Benktesh Sharma, Carlin Starrs

Oregon State University: Joshua Petitmermet