Legacy BioSum Downloads (for upgrading old projects only)

These are old versions of BioSum. They are not supported but are provided here to facilitate moving legacy projects to the current version. Since version 5.7.6, BioSum supports upgrading existing projects from only the most recent previous version. Thus, if you have a project in 5.7.9, you will first need to open it in v5.8.0 and save the project, then open that newly saved project in 5.8.1 and save it again, before trying to open it in v5.8.4 (there is no version 5.8.2 or 5.8.3). If you are unsure what version your project is at, check the application.version text file in the root of the project folder.


----> BioSum 5.7.3

----> BioSum 5.7.4

----> BioSum 5.7.5

----> BioSum 5.7.6

----> BioSum 5.7.7

----> BioSum 5.7.8

----> BioSum 5.7.9

----> BioSum 5.8.0

----> BioSum 5.8.1