BioSum Downloads

Download the most current version of BioSum, user guides, and a starter project using the links below. Please check back often, as the BioSum application is updated as needs arise.



For users looking to download the most recent version of BioSum.

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User Guide

Comprehensive documentation on the BioSum framework. Learn how to create a project, calculate travel times, build treatment packages, and more. New users of BioSum are strongly encouraged to download and read the entire user guide.

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Starter Project

Located in the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon, this starter project was created to help new users get accustomed to the BioSum framework. The starter project contains all the elements of a complete project, including plots, treatment packages, economic assumptions, and travel time information.

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Legacy versions

To upgrade old BioSum projects to the current version, users may need to download multiple legacy versions to effect this transition.

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gis_travel_times_master database and spatial data

Travel times are pre-calculated for over 900 current, past and potential wood processing sites. To use this data, download and unzip the zipped (compressed) version of the the gis_travel_times_master.accdb and move it to your C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\FIABiosum folder. To run your own travel time analyses, consult chapter 3 and consider using the road data available linked from this page.

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