The FIA BioSum framework has been, and is, utilized to answer policy relevent questions about forest management strategies in a variety of geographic regions throughout the U.S. This page provides information on some of these research initiatives, and also serves as a loction for collaborators to access project data and outputs.


Project Links

California Energy Commission Project- The BioSum analysis is part of a larger, multi-component study to evaluate the ecological sustainability of potential scenarios where forest biomass could be utilized to generate renewable cellulosic biofuels when the appropriate conversion technology is available for deployment. The BioSum analysis addressed both forest productivity and fire risk over a 40 year time frame for both public and private timberlands.


Fuel Treatment Cost Effectiveness - A comprehensive analysis completed within the BioSum framework, in this study we looked at the effectiveness and costs of mechanical fuel treatments designed to reduce fire hazard and enhance fire resistance. This study focused specically on dry mixed conifer forests throughout California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana.