Blue Mountains Starter Project

To help users become accustomed to the BioSum user interface, modules, and outputs, we have compiled a fully functioning BioSum project for download. Every step in the BioSum framework as been completed: plots loaded, silivicultural treatments simulated in FVS, harvest cost parameters assigned, Processor module run, varibales of effectiveness defined, and the Core Analysis module analysis executed.


Users interested in BioSum are encouraged to download the starter project and to explore inputs and outputs of this complete BioSum inquiry.


---->Download starter project here (, 759 MB, compatible with BioSum v. 5.8.6)


Overview of Blue Mountains Starter Project

Geographic Region:

The region of interest is comprised of watersheds: Lower Snake-Asotin, Walla Walla, Umatilla, Upper Grande Ronde River, Wallowa River, Lower Grande Ronde, Imnaha River, Hells Canyon, North Fork John Day, Powder River, Burnt River, Brownlee Reservoir, and Middle Fork John Day. The selected watershed fall within the administrative boundaries of Malheur, Grant, Harney, Baker, Morrow, Umatilla, Union and Wallowa counties.

Map of study area


Forest Inventory and Analysis Database (FIADB): Oregon 2007-2016 Annual P2, All Plots/Sampled Plots influding Region 6 intensified plots.



The study region contains 1335 plots after excluding plots in roadless and protected areas.



FIA defines conditions as changes in land use or vegetation that occur along distinct boundaries. When a plot straddles two or more conditions, the plot area is divided by condition. There are 1464 forested condition records in this Blue Mountains area of interest.


Silvicultural Treatments:

Five treatments are simulated in this project.

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