BioSum User Guide

The following documents are intended to serve as user guides and provide background information for the BioSum framework. Chapters can be downloaded individually, or as a single complete guide, using the links provided below.


Chapter Downloads


An introduction to the BioSum framework.

---->Click here to download the Introduction chapter



Get started using BioSum. Create a new BioSum project, load FIA plots, learn how to filter plots using different criteria, view project data sources.

---->Click here to download Database chapter



Perform the geoprocessing steps in a GIS. Calculate travel times between plots and processing sites, estimate yarding distances for each stand, and tag plots in reserved or roadless areas.

---->Click here to download Geoprocessing chapter



Use the Forest Vegetation Simulator to grow and treat stands. Define rx treatments and rx treatment packages, assign FVS variants, create FVS input files and template script files, and append data back into BioSum after running simulations.

---->Click here to download FVS chapter



Calculate harvest cost and harvested tree volumes. Define tree diameter and species groups, add supplemental harvest costs, assign merchantable values to harvested woody materials, select chip and log diameter thresholds, and run processor module including OpCost harvest cost calculations.

---->Click here to download Processor chapter


Treatment Optimizer:

Compile output tables and analyze results. Assign haul costs, define variables of effectiveness including optimization and a tiebreaker variable, assign cost escalators, and run treatment optimizer module to create output tables.

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BioSum Outputs:

Your guide to simulation outputs.

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Appendix A: Harvest systems available within BioSum.

Appendix B: Growth calibration in FVS.

Appendix C: Regeneration in FVS.

Appendix D: Sequence number definition in FVS module of BioSum.

Appendix E: Calculate harvest costs using FRCS rather than OpCost.

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Complete User Guide

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